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I invented a new android app

12/6/12 by Manly-Chicken
Updated 12/12/12 r.pixelrimshot&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGws MSwyLDEsImFpci5waXhlbHJpbXNob3QiXQ..
It's called pixel rim shot and it's like free now.
You should like get it.
New stuff coming eventually.


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Spoiler alert: Make it free with ads. :)

12/8/12 Manly-Chicken responds:

Flashpunk and junk.

Let me touch those manly asses.

12/8/12 Manly-Chicken responds:

So firm and muscular...

It says that I should be the first to be your fan..
Should I?
I'm kinda scared...

12/7/12 Manly-Chicken responds:

Don't little Billy, it will all be over soon...

You should like, lower the price dude, c'mon. Im all for supporting my fellow newgrounder, but you put no effort into.. anything you do really.

12/6/12 (Updated 12/6/12) Manly-Chicken responds:

You're probably right. I'll see how this does and play it by how it does. I also have school and other junk if that's a valid reason.

It's excreted, not invented.

12/6/12 Manly-Chicken responds:

Well it is kinda shit...

if only paying with android would be easy I'd buy that game for 0.76 euros.

12/6/12 Manly-Chicken responds:





12/6/12 Manly-Chicken responds:




Its created, not invented.

12/6/12 (Updated 12/6/12) Manly-Chicken responds:

Probably. I just use "invented" to make it seem like I accomplished something...