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Everyone but me is retarded.

2014-06-22 23:59:14 by Manly-Chicken




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2014-06-23 00:01:43

nice parody blog

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thanks, 'tard.


2014-06-23 00:11:07

I get it. I love it. :D

Manly-Chicken responds:

You only love it because you are more stupider than I am.


2014-06-23 00:13:35


Manly-Chicken responds:

I guess it's a little to hard a concept to wrap your tiny little stupid farty brain around, but it's EVERYONE but me that's a retardo.


2014-06-23 00:14:28

w0w ur gunna get banned for speeking the #truth

(Updated ) Manly-Chicken responds:

Let them make the banning me.
It will just prove that they have the #downs.


2014-06-23 00:32:10

fck u morther fuck

Manly-Chicken responds:

What does my sexual relationship with my mom have to do with this?


2014-06-23 00:34:57

Go back to ^4

Manly-Chicken responds:

I'll go back to =3


2014-06-23 00:36:56

im smerter then you

Manly-Chicken responds:

You misspelled 'tarded.


2014-06-23 00:38:38

guys i wanted to say i maed a trehd about the topeed and response to the originel thred here it is:

Manly-Chicken responds:

F*ck you ya f*cking meanie!


2014-06-23 00:40:27

Nice satire.

Frankly, that's all it is.

You speak nothing of how star behave according to our behavior.

You speak nothing of how you can not fake anger, passion and relentless behavior.

You speak nothing of how truth is placed in the same box as everything else we hate.

You speak nothing of how pain is what we need to change.

You speak nothing of how people's comfort is a bubble that neglects everything outside of itself.

You speak entirely on the behalf of your own ignorance and willingness to deny the truth which you only attack because you don't have any truth of your own, so you envy mine.

(Updated ) Manly-Chicken responds:

(I deleted the 2 walls of text comments you made and banned you because that took up too much space and I don't want people to have to scroll for 5 minutes to get to the other comments)


2014-06-23 00:41:05

tuff enuff?!?!?!

Manly-Chicken responds:

Touch too much.


2014-06-23 01:10:42

its me the retard

Manly-Chicken responds:

Thank god, someone finally admits it.


2014-06-23 01:28:06

Do Do Do Do Do


2014-06-23 02:34:46

Manly-Chicken's IQ is 237 less than 2 1/4 times Jojo55's IQ. Jojo55's IQ is 132. What is Manly-Chicken's IQ?

You may not use the calculator for this question. You have 90 seconds.


2014-06-23 07:29:28

I'll kamehameha up your ass, bitch. |:D


2014-06-23 10:05:56

FiendMachine, No it is Shrek, it is always Shrek. Shrek is love, Shrek is life.


2014-06-23 10:47:10

I can also string together words from a dictionary. Much intelligent, such wow, everyone else such dumb, am I right?


2014-06-23 12:08:15

Only Insanctuary's walls of text could save us from retardation,
what have you done?!?!


2014-06-23 12:34:11

He's smerter den uz! Itz gotta b wicthkraft! LYNCH!!!!!


2014-06-23 13:09:54

I agree.


2014-06-23 13:19:51

Yes, everyone but you is retarded...unless you walk outside and hanout with friends while igonoring politics and the internet. Because frankly I cannot tell the difference between the two.


2014-06-23 14:18:47

I understand what you're doing, but you guys really aren't going about it the right way. I used to be like Insanctuary, he just needs someone to help him see....even though he hasn't really chosen to see the error of his ways, which has become a bit much....x__X. Making fun of him is just kinda...pre-mature thinking, and you'll probably make it worse. Anyone can not care, anyone can make fun of someone and kick them down, but honestly, I used to be where he is before I was who I am today. Keep an open mind, but it isn't easy to do sometimes. His actions aren't right, but are yours any better?

There's hope for people to change, they just need that one person who can get through to them. Like when I was 16 and wanted to kill someone in highschool, most people wouldn't think I would, and NOW I wouldn't of course not, but back then, I hated everyone and was quite serious about killing. I regret it. Some people just need people to care, while others are constantly stabbing them, even if they are assholes. Kind've like this post you've put here. This comes off as no better, IMO.



2014-06-23 14:33:14

Lol, it seems like every news post I see by you, says the exact same thing XD


2014-06-23 15:35:38

No ur gay n retarted


2014-06-23 20:04:00

i prefer the term mentally disabled, thank you very much


2014-06-23 20:33:15

Is there not a like button on newgrounds yet? You clever fox, you.


2014-06-23 21:07:51

Dicks. That is all.


2014-06-23 21:17:21

I saw this on the side of the front page.

Well done you sophisticated manly cluck you! Awesome!


2014-07-19 18:21:34

I have yet to see anyone as manly as you. Good job sir.