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10 Years

Posted by Manly-Chicken - May 30th, 2017

Well, it's been 10 years since I signed up.


I remember when I first found Newgrounds. My friend showed me a bunch of stuff when I was over at his house in Middle School. Badger Bager, the Box Transformer, stuff like that.

I originally signed up to review skateboarding games, before I discovered that I could make games and upload them here too. I spent a couple years in high school learining Actionscript 2 so I could post my first game in '09:

A Christmas themed avoider game, ironic considering the fact that I'm Jewish.

I worked my way up, submitting 24 games so far. Eventually Tom invited me to the NG meet up, something I was sad to learn wouldn't be happening this year.

Recently I graduated college with a degree in computer science, something that wouldn't have happened without Newgrounds.

Newgrounds is unlike any other submission-based website I've seen. It's barely changed, with Tom refusing to sell it off or take on outside investors, fearing (probably correctly) it would change outside.

With sites like YouTube cracking down on offensive content, I'm glad there's at least SOME site where you can upload pretty much whatever you want.

You're a great guy, Tom.

Here's to 10 more years.


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Awe shucks, thanks! The Construct 3 jam makes me really hopeful for the future of kids making games on the internet.

Happy decennial anniversary man, hope it's been a worthy ride on this here podunk site.
Kinda shocked those construct 3 games all work (so far), sure were a shitton submitted, almost like the old days... how you been, how's work? Whatchoo been playing lately?

Welcome to the club, bro

Tak to si teda hodně starej čeče

congrats on 10 years here's to forever

Cheers, sir; I've been lurking this site for over a decade as well and would certainly have a different perspective on life without having used it.

I remember playing "Ban that Fulp" and having no idea who Tom Fulp was, I probably
voted 5 logged on my old account linked to some cringey mail long lost and commented something like "LOL I bann thath Fulp guy very far :D, whos him anyweys ?!?!("
Little did I know he was and still is our saviour

Oh booooy, I've probably been browsing Newgrounds for around a decade too. It alllll started when I found about hentai. The rest is obvious.

Honestly though, I would have never started drawing if it weren't for the talented folks here. The way you can interact with some of them is an amazing motivator.

Hell ya!

Bullshit. You can't upload any edgy material anymore.


@Zero2562130 what's stopping you?