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This is like pure concentrated joy.
Whenever I watch this I can't stop smiling.
Animation, sound, voices, all flawless.
I hope to see lots more in the future.

Please, stop.

The video is horribly out of sync.
At least for me.
But it was pretty funny and surprisingly well animated.
I had no idea you started out on NG.

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Really bad.
Controls suck. You don't always jump.
I gave up around level 3 when a saw kills you if you don't move instantly.

It's barely functional. The random level design has a habit of spawning you in unwinnable insta death situations, the art's ugly (the main character's just a pikachu sprite you colored red and added a second tail to while the dragon looks like it was saved as a low quality jpeg in MS paint before being imported to stencyl) the pause menu brings up the score api BEHIND the pikachu cat thing, the collision detection is broken as I kept going through the sides of blocks constantly, the dragon doesn't seem to hurt you if you touch it (the fireballs never seemed to touch me) and you move and jump too fast for it to be controlled.
Work on your design and art for a while to find a style and gameplay tightness and really look at what other successful programmers and artists do and what people do wrong and adapt your style accordingly.
Keep working on it.

Ouch, my save file!

The game was pretty great.

Graphics were great, albeit mostly ripped NES sprites, gameplay was faithful to the NES games they parody and it was pretty damn funny.

Can't find a real fault.
It's short, but it is a flash game.

But my save file randomly got deleted and now I have to beat the game again.

Is there a possible way to make it so it checks the medals you unlocked and unlocks levels based on that?

I know that's possible, but idk if you'll do it/it's a good idea.

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You turned this out fast.
Like really really fast.
And it was such an amazing quality.
Catchy, fast paced, and fit perfectly with my game.
We should work together some time.

Epic beyond words

Your creations have always been spectacular, but THIS just stands out.

One of the best songs in the audio portal.

Excellence doesn't even begin to describe it.

Great job!


Now that that's out of the way, let me say this song is enjoyable, and fun to listen to. I also can't stop coming back! Great job!

tehslaphappy responds:


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I'm a huge fan of pixel art and Mario. Love the design of how you remade the characters and progression from above water to below.
Overall, great job, hoping to see more of this kinda stuff in the future.

This one gave me girl wood.

WillieD891 responds:

Thank you Very Much

Daaaaaaamn Hanz!

You got the talent!
Digging the retro, 2 color vibe.

I might go all the way to San Fran to pick one up for me!

Great job!

What are you doing here? Go away.

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